Evangelia & Matt wedding – July 4th, 2022

Evange’s & Matt’s Wedding was a 6 day – 7 events wedding that photos can not describe how amazing it was.

We started with Matts christening on 30th June. On 1st July we had an amazing welcome dinner in Sotos Restaurant. On 2nd July we had a Beach party in Dio Liskaria at Zephyros. On 3rd July we started our day with an Island Tour and later we had a Greek night in Leros Winery “Iokallis Wines”. On 4th July it was Wedding Day in St Isidoros and later we had the reception in Mylos Restaurant. We closed this truly beautiful wedding with a brunch on the 5th July in Crithoni Hotel where we were staying all this time.

Wedding Photos of the Day from EPLove

Their testimonial…

Evi was not just our wedding planner she is now part of our family. I’ve never met a more selfless person in my life who truly only cares for the happiness of their clients like Evi.

We had to postpone our wedding twice. Poor Evi had to start and stop planning and when it finally happened she was ready to go. She did multiple trips to Leros to make sure everything was sorted. She managed to wrangle over 50 Americans who have never been to Greece on a multi day wedding event flawlessly. By the end of the wedding everyone was chanting her name on the bus ride home because of how kind and available she was to our guests.

Evi is the best wedding planner and person. She went and goes above and beyond for anyone she comes across. She is someone we think about and speak to often now that the wedding is over. My husband even asked her to be his godmother as he had to get baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church.

We love Evi and can’t say enough good things about how much she took care of us.

– Evangelia Livanos and Matthew Hoffman -Nashville TN

Evangelia & Matt wedding - July 4th, 2022 .