Dovile & Petar – May 28th, 2022

My passion is people. Meeting new people. I love hearing their stories, see their beauty. I am so proud of every wedding, every elopement, every beautiful event that people gave me the honor be part of it and meeting the most amazing people and become friends with.

This is Petar’s & Dovile’s wedding that took place in Kalymnos.

Their testimonial…

We were actually not far from calling off the entire thing when we stumbled upon our savior angel – Evi !!

When my wife and I decided to have our wedding in a different country – Greece – we majorly underestimated what it takes… We were actually not far from calling off the entire thing when we stumbled upon our savior angel – Evi !!

Where can I start?

The first thing worth mentioning is the fact that we quickly built great trust between one another. Throughout a wedding planning process there will be lots of unexpected issues, details which you can’t even imagine exist and oftentimes your organizer is the only person you can rely on to find a solution. And found a solution she did!! I’ve rarely come across somebody as easy to connect with and communicate to as Evi! She is caring, helpful, keenly aware of the local environment and has many precious connections. She wasn’t holding back from telling us if an option wasn’t the smartest thing to do while at the same time she literally went out of her way to adjust to exactly what we wanted – no compromise was made even for the smallest things!

We had a very specific wedding – on a wild beach, some live music, catering in a villa, super specific cake requirements, lighting, fireworks, etc. EVERYTHING was organized to perfection and we didn’t have any trouble with anything! Evi made our entire experience SO easy and light – I actually went rock climbing and swimming in the morning before the event (no joke) !!

In Evi we found not only an incredibly professional, friendly, adaptable and easy to work with individual but also a friend and somebody we can trust! Thanks Evi for making this happen for us – this was truly one of the experiences of our life which will never forget!

– Petar Chalamov

Dovile & Petar - May 28th, 2022 .